Annual Reports

The Dunbar Collection contains preliminary and final Annual Reports beginning with the 1922-1923 school year through the 1968-1969 school year. Information on these reports includes but is not limited to type of classes offered, number of students enrolled, attendance figures, and statements of progress. 

1922-1923 Jackson Street School Report
1936-1937 School Year
1943-1944 School Year
1949-1950 School Year
1956-1957 School Year
1962-1963 School Year
1968-1969 School Year

Annual Library Reports

Annual Library Reports for the Dunbar Collection begin the in 1931-1932 school year and continue through the 1967-1968 school year. For library information prior to 1931 see the Annual Reports. Details found on the library reports includes number of books, types of books, size of room, amount of money spent on the library, and circulation figures.

1931-1932 School Year
1939-1940 School Year
1945-1946 School Year
1954-1955 School Year
1961-1962 School Year
1967-1968 School Year

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Reports

This is the application for accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. It contains various pieces of information on the quality of education provided by Dunbar High School by examining the educational background of all the teachers, the library, classes offered, and the physical structure and contents of the school building. The Dunbar Collection contains reports from 1936-1968.

1936 Southern Association Report
1949 Southern Association Report
1952 Southern Association Report
1958 Southern Association Report
1965 Southern Association Report
1968 Southern Association Report

Report of Graduates

The Report of Graduates is a listing by name of all of the graduates for a particular year. The report details when the person graduated and how many credits they graduated with. The Collection contains reports from 1951 and 1960-1968. Occasionally earlier years can be found in the Southern Association and Annual reports.

1951 Graduates
1960 Graduates
1961 Graduates
1962 Graduates
1963 Graduates
1964 Graduates
1965 Graduates
1966 Graduates
1967 Graduates
1968 Graduates