Seven Hills of History

On display from January 13, 2017 to December 31, 2019, this exhibit explores the historic hills of Lynchburg (are there really only seven?). Most Lynchburg residents can tell you there are seven hills, but if so, which ones are they? The answers may not be what you think as the exhibit explores the architecture, myths, name origins, and interesting citizens of Lynchburg’s historic hills. The exhibit also covers other Lynchburg hills such as Cotton, Fort, Tinbridge, and Chestnut Hills.

For more details on Lynchburg's hills click the images below

Court House Hill

Est. 1813

Jackson Street UMC.jpg

College Hill

Est. 1815


Franklin Hill

Est. 1820s

Diamond Hill

Est. 1820s

Federal Hill

Est. 1819

Garland Hill

Est. 1845

Daniel's Hill

Est. 1870

White Rock Hill

Est. 1870

Kinleygarten at Cotton Mills ca 1911 ages 6-8.jpg

What About the Other Hills?

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